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Editing and peer-review procedures

• All contributions are copy-edited and/or peer reviewed.

• Authors should indicate if an article is submitted for peer review and copy-editing, or for copy-editing only.

• The Academic Editorial Team will refer contributions for Peer Review to appropriate members of the Peer Review Board.

•The Peer Review Board for the 2010 issue is as follows:


Dr Bernie Casey, former lecturer, DIT College of Business

Dr Philip Cohen, Head of Library Services, DIT

Dr Tom Duff, former Academic Registrar, DIT

Dr Mary Lennon, Senior Lecturer, Conservatory of Music, DIT

Dr Andrew Loxley, Department of Education, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Jim Mc Govern, School of Mechanical and Transport Engineering, DIT

Professor Frank McMahon, Director of Academic Affairs, DIT

Mr Stephen McManus, Academic Registrar, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Dr Brian O'Neill, Head of Research, College of Arts and Tourism

Professor Anne Ryan, Department of Adult and Community Education, NUI Maynooth

• The Peer Review Board may be augmented at any time.

• Additional editorial/review expertise may be sought by the Academic Editorial Team as appropriate.

• Authors may be contacted directly by the technical copy editor for clarifications.

• Authors will receive edited/peer reviewed copy for final approval before publication.