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General Format and style of contributions

• New submissions should be in Word.

• Items already published elsewhere may retain their original form and be submitted as pdf files.

• 'Track changes' should not be used, please.

• We welcome diagrams, photographs and visuals generally in addition to text.

• Traditional Level 3 articles should preferably use either the Harvard or APA referencing system and be structured and formatted broadly as the exemplar article.

• Science articles should be formattted as the exemplar article and use the Harvard referencing system.

• Library articles should be formatted as the exemplar article and use the Harvard referencing system.


Abstract count

Abstracts and reports should have an appropriate abstract of 50 to 80 words.


Key words

Articles and reports should have at least 5 key words following the abstract.

Note: (All items will be formatted by the Editing Team using a standard template)


Word count (excluding footnotes)

Level3 is a totally online journal, so we can be flexible regarding word count. As a guide the following limits are recommended.

• Articles/academic papers - circa 7,000 words.

• Research-in-progress reports - circa 2,000 words.

• Analytical accounts of innovations in learning and teaching, circa 3,000 words.

• Book reviews: circa 1,000 words.


Copy editing and general editing

Authors are likely to receive comunications from copy-editors and the general editors.


Peer Review

Authors may request that new submissions are peer reviewed. We offer a double-blind peer review process. Authors are advised to follow the recommendations of peer review reports. The main editors will liaise with authors in this regard.


Titles of Submissions

Authors are advised to use a title that reasonably reflects the content of the article.


Author Details

Authors should supply the following details:

• Preferred name

• Academic Letters

• Location (Department/School/Library/ Centre etc)

• Email address for correspondence

Authors may also supply brief biographical details and a passport-size photograph if they choose.


How to Submit

If you would like to contribute an item for Level3 2012 please make initial contact with one of the main editors:

anne.murphy@dit.ie: for traditional Level3 submissions and general enquiries

brendan.devlin@dit.ie: for Library and Information Science articles

deirdre.lawless@dit.ie: for Science Articles


Editing and peer-review procedures

• All new contributions to Level3 are copy-edited and/or peer reviewed.

• Authors may request peer review.

• The Academic Editorial Team will refer contributions for Peer Review to appropriate members of the Peer Review Board.

• The Peer Review Board for the 2012 issue is as follows:


Dr Bernie Casey, former lecturer, DIT College of Business

Dr Philip Cohen, Head of Library Services, DIT

Dr Tom Duff, former Academic Registrar, DIT

Dr Mary Lennon, Senior Lecturer, Conservatory of Music, DIT

Dr Andrew Loxley, Department of Education, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Jim Mc Govern, School of Mechanical and Transport Engineering, DIT

Professor Frank McMahon, former Director of Academic Affairs, DIT

Mr Stephen McManus, Academic Registrar, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Dr Brian O'Neill, Head of Research, College of Arts and Tourism

Professor Anne Ryan, Department of Adult and Community Education, NUI Maynooth


• The Peer Review Board may be augmented at any time.

• Additional editorial/review expertise may be sought by the Editorial Team as appropriate.

• Authors may be contacted directly by copy editors for clarifications.

• Authors will receive edited/peer reviewed copy for final approval before publication.