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Information for contributors

a. Editing
Following the copy-editing and/or peer review processes, items will be returned to authors for approval. Authors may be contacted both by the editors/peer reviews and by the copy-editor.

b. Visuals
We welcome diagrams, photographs, and visuals generally, in addition to text.

c. Abstracts
Authors should preface their final text with an abstract of no more than 50 words.

d. Key words
key words should be included with full articles.

e. Harvard Referencing Style
The Harvard Referencing Style should be used throughout.

f. Photographs and biographies
Since Level3 is on-line we invite authors to supply a passport type photograph together with a very brief personal biography of research interests and recent publications. This is optional.

g. Name, title, and contact points
Please supply the following with your final text:

Preferred name
Academic letters
Email address

Note: Documents may be submitted in a WORD file. Formatting will be done by the Editorial Team to a standard style.