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Emotional incongruity in the interpersonal relationships of university students: a research report

Authors - Olga Kolyukh, Gulnara Kazhikenova



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This article reports on the emotional security of a sample group of university students based on analysis of survey findings from 2012. The broad purpose of the survey was to assist both teaching staff and students to understand the dynamic in interpersonal communications and the impact of communications on parties in the interaction. The survey instrument was a standardised psychological test for indicators of emotional stability and stress levels. It was implemented with a representative sample of one-hundred students across the third year of a bachelor programme in Pavlodar State University, Kazakhstan. The findings were analysed using four tools: Lyusher's method of color choices modified by Sobchik; Shmishek's method of determining tendency to stress; Bass-Darky's methodology of aggressiveness. Cattell’s personality questionnaire. «Statistics 0.6» was also used for correlational analysis. The findings expose barriers in the communication process which appear due to individual psychological peculiarities revealed through the emotionally unstable interpersonal relationships of university students. It helps us to reveal some elements of emotional incongruity and stress levels in interpersonal relationships. The main conclusion drawn is that studying stress levels and emotions characteristics of students in multi-situational communications has enabled us to better understand the emotional instability of students and the absence of stable ways of reacting in the communication process. We concluded that the higher some types of stress management skills the lower the aggressive reaction expressed regardless of personality characteristics.

Keywords: interpersonal communication; emotional stability; congruity; stress; self-perception.

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