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Ecotoxicological research at DIT

Author - Maria Davoren, Colm O’Dowd and Sharon Ní Shúilleabháin

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Glossary of Terms

Anthropogenic chemicals: man made chemicals

Biomarker: a biological response to an environmental chemical that gives a measure of exposure and sometimes a measure of toxic effect

Cell culture: Growth of cells disassociated from parent tissue by spontaneous migration or mechanical or enzymatic dispersal

Cell lines: When cells are selected from a primary culture, by cloning or some other method, the sub-line is known as a cell line, which may be propagated in culture

in vitro: In glass. This term refers to an experiment performed in an artificial environment such as a test tube or culture media

in vivo: a biological study which takes place within a living biological organism

LC50: concentration of a substance, which causes lethality in 50% of an exposed population

PCR: a technique for selectively replicating a given stretch of DNA in vitro to produce a large amount of a particular gene

Primary cultures: Tissue fragments from which cells migrate and possibly proliferate following attachment at a solid (glass/plastic) /liquid interface

VITOX: In vitro-enabling technologies

BIOMASSTOX: Biomarker Model System for Sediment Toxicity

EC50: concentration of a substance, which causes a measurable effect in 50% of an exposed population

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