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Issue 1 - November 2003

Title - Information-literacy programmes and course curricula:
the case for integration
Authors - Anne Ambrose and Brian Gillespie
Article text
- The advent of the internet, and the profusion, complexity and haphazard nature of the information available through electronic and digital resources generally, [more >>]

Title - Turning an articulated truck on a spreadsheet
Author - Jim McGovern
Article text
- This paper describes how a standard office spreadsheet application was used to set up an engineering model for the simulation and analysis of the turning of articulated trucks. [more >>]

Title - Towards the promotion of effective e-learning practice for academic-staff development in DIT
Author - Roisin Donnelly and Frances O' Brien
Article text
- Despite the many challenges facing educators today, as well as the array of teaching paradigms on offer, the principal goals of higher education will always remain the same: [more >>]

Title - Mature students:an examination of DIT’s policy and practice
Author - Dáire Mag Cuill 
Article text
- This paper examines the current situation of mature students within the DIT. It documents policy – national, international and DIT-specific – [more >>]

Title - To catch a thief: what to do with plagiarists in the language, literature, or culture classroom
Author - Sue Norton
Article text - This paper looks at why students in higher education, particularly in language, literature, and culture courses, plagiarise. It considers some of the ways assessors respond [more >>]

Title - ‘Situated learning’, ‘distributed cognition’: Do academics really need to know?
- Anne Murphy
Article text
- The dominant approach to the study of learning throughout most of the twentieth century was to view learning as cognitive only, as if it were a process contained in the mind of the learner, decontextualised from the lived-in world. [more >>]

Title - Ecotoxicological research at DIT
Author - Maria Davoren, Colm O’Dowd and Sharon Ní Shúilleabháin
Article text
- The term ecotoxicology, first defined by René Truhart in 1969, essentially describes the study of the harmful effects of chemicals upon ecosystems and understanding the [more >>]

Title - DIT and student retention
- Frank Costello
Article text
- The retention of students and the enhancement of their educational experience must serve as one of the core principles of any institution charged with fulfilling a national and international role in providing full-time and part-time programmes in higher education [more >>]

Title - The implications of the curriculum process on the design of a modern engineering programme in the Dublin Institute of Technology
Author - Kevin Kelly
Article text - In the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) the curriculum usually starts with a programme document. The programme document will be a snapshot of faculty thinking at a point in time, usually at the validation stage of the programme. [more >>]

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