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Where does AP(E)L fit in Higher Education?

Author - Anne Murphy

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Notes and References

1. Document; Irish Presidency Conference 8 March 2004, ‘Towards 2010 – Common Themes and Approaches Across Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training in Europe’, Background Research Paper February 2004, and Conference Report April 2004, written by Cynthia Deane and Elizabeth Watters, are available on http://www.nqai.ie/en/International/

2. Information on the Europass (a single framework for the transparency of qualification and competences) Certificate Supplement and Diploma Supplement, etc is available at http://europa.eu.int/comm/education/programmes/europass/index_en.html

3. OECD Review of Irish HE 2004, and the Michael Skilbeck Report 2001, The University Challenged: a review of international trends and issues with particular reference to Ireland, Dublin; HEA and CHIU.

4. The Further Education Awards Council (FETAC) established an RPL Technical Working Group in 2004; The Higher Education Awards Council (HETAC) is currently in the process of re-defining its procedures; the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) has supported both practice and research in AP(E)L : the university sector is represented, together with the other HE sectors, on the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI) Advisory Group on Recognition of Prior Learning 2004–2005.

5. The development of a coherent set of principles and national guidelines for RPL is led by the NQAI representatives of the awarding bodies, Trade Unions, Community Education and employers.

6. EUCEN European Universities Continuing Education Network; EAEA European Association for the Education of Adults (Belgium); AEFP French National Association for Adult Vocational Training; FIEEA International Federation for Children and Youth Educative Exchange (France); SEFI Societe Europeenne pour la Formation des Ingenieurs.

7. The Irish AP(E)L Network is an informal grouping of third-level practitioners who are currently involved in planning and/or implementing AP(E)L systems in their institutions. It was convened initially on 20 February 1997 in the University of Ulster, with joint convenors Sam Bailie and Celia O’Hagan. The current joint convenors are Anne Murphy, Dublin Institute of Technology, and Geraldine Mernagh, Waterford Institute of Technology. The Network seeks to research and develop AP(E)L and to contribute to policy developments nationally and internationally. The Network communicates through national seminars, college-based seminars and working groups.

8. Available on http://www.valex-apel.com

9. AONTAS/Combat Poverty Agency/NOW report 1995, Can You Credit It? implications of accreditation for learners and groups in the community sector, written by Mary B. Kelly.


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