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Issue 2 - June 2004

Title - Community demographics
Author - Peter Byrne
Article text
- Following the marked industrial decline of the south-west inner-city of Dublin, the area is characterised today by all the compound problems which accompany long-term unemployment. The area has suffered from dereliction, physical neglect, large-scale environmental decay, [more >>]

Title - Cooking online
Author - Nuala Harding
Article text
- Having worked as a lecturer for five years, I was given the opportunity to undertake the postgraduate diploma in third-level learning and teaching at the Dublin Institute of Technology. The elective I chose as part of this course was online learning. [more >>]

Title - Where does AP(E)L fit in higher education?
Author - Anne Murphy
Article text
- This paper is written against a background of concurrent policy development, research and pilot projects related to validation, accreditation or recognition of non-formal and informal learning, both nationally and across the EU. [more >>]

Title - Learning Theories and Higher Education
Authors- Frank Ashworth, Gabriel Brennan, Kathy Egan, Ron Hamilton, Olalla Saenz
Article text
- This paper offers a number of materials and resources which may be used as teaching aids for introduction-level courses in learning theories, especially those in higher education. The materials were developed during our participation in a postgraduate diploma module [more >>]

Title - They don't really want to know us’: experiences and perceptions of international students at the Dublin Institute of Technology
Author - Almut Schlepper
Article text - ‘Unless you conduct yourselves with more restraint and moderation towards them [overseas students], they will be driven into abandoning their studies and leaving the country, which we by no means desire’. King Henry III in Cambridge, 1231 (Elsey and Kinnell 1990: 1) [more >>]

Title - Staff mentoring at DIT: a review of four programmes
- Leslie Shoemaker
Article text
- Staff Mentoring at the Dublin Institute of Technology is quite ambiguous in terms of its definition and purpose, as well as the impact it has with retention issues. The purpose of this paper is to provide a research review regarding [more >>]

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