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Developing a Participatory Consultation Process for Quality Reviews: The initial stage of the European University Associations Quality Review of the Dublin Institute of Technology

Author - Aidan Kenny


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This paper describes the evolution of a consultation process utilized by the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) as part of a quality review process. An emphasis is placed on outlining: the collaborative nature of the enquiry; the guidelines and code of ethics adopted; the social research methodology utilized both quantitative (online surveys, staff n=1831, student’s n=21094) and qualitative (6 staff focus groups n=45 and 4 stakeholder focus groups n=24 and faculty board submissions 6). Instrument construction, theme sheet design and sampling procedures and response rate are detailed. The author, as consultation facilitator, provides an narrative of events and applies theory to actual practice. He claims that the DIT operationalized the consultation process under the principles of inclusion, openness and transparency, and that the process captured both a valid and reliable account of the attitudes and opinions of the DIT community.


Thanks to: The members of the DIT community who participated in the online surveys and focus group sessions; the administrative support staff in Academic Affairs and the Faculties; the President and Directors for the priority they placed on this process and the access they provided; the following stakeholders and committees for their co-operation, academic staff trade union TUI, non academic staff trade unions AMICUS, IMPACT, SIPTU, students representative body DITSU and the Partnership committee.


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