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The Quality Movement discourse in the higher education sector - A general review

Author - Aidan Kenny

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Note 1 Undergraduate and postgraduates students are deliberately named as part of the target audience for this paper, and while I consider there exists a lot of rhetoric relating to so called student centredness policy and procedures in journals, the student audience and voice is not always sought or encouraged.

Note 2 Dr Andrew Loxley, term used during a seminar at Trinity College Dublin, 17 June 2006.

Note 3 Marx’s concept of the labour process; see Braverman (1998) for a detailed account.

Note 4 See Towards 2016, Ten-year Framework Social Partnership Draft Agreement 2006–2015. This document is the centre of current intensive negotiations between the Irish social partners. Available at: http://www.taoiseach.gov.ie/index.asp?locID=181&docID=-1 education, pp.121–133.

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