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"What light do professional doctorates throw on the question of what counts as knowledge in the academy at the start of the twenty-first century?" (Bourner et al. 2001: 81)

Author - Sandra Fisher


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Note 1 Since this article was written Trinity College Dublin (TCD) has introduced a professional doctorate in education.

Note 2 It could be argued that TCD’s D.Clin.Psych. in Clinical Psychology falls under the category of practice-based doctorate. However, Hoddell et al. (2002: 64) note that in the United Kingdom programmes, such as the D.Clin.Psych, which have a ‘significant taught element’ the national qualifications framework locates them in the category to include the name of the discipline in the title and thus includes them in the category of professional doctorate. In Ireland, the national qualifications framework, launched at the end of 2003, has not so far included any categorisation of doctoral programmes.