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Enhancing academic currency by the ‘Visiting Lecturer’ programme

Author - Tadhg Walshe


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College/industry liaison

Educational institutions must continue to reach out to the outside world of arts and commerce and industry and engage with them as regards ideas and ways of doing business. The ‘Visiting Lecturer’ programme was guided by a perceived need for a two-way interaction between the college and industry outside.

Members of DIT staff have for decades been leaders in innovations, technologies, design as well as in the arts and crafts – individuals and teams who pushed back knowledge boundaries and influenced the direction of people, societies and businesses.

Bolton Street has during this time liaised with industry and the professions; and almost 200 ‘Visiting Lecturers’ – many leading graduate employers – professionals, managers and doctors, government ministers, senators and civil servants came quietly to Bolton Street and presented to students as well as staff and led seminar discussions on a wide range of topics and issues. Each one was an important ‘research’ source, a way of keeping up-to-date with ‘practice’ and each one benefited from the contributions and interactions with students.

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