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FACILICODE (Facilitated Work Based Learning)

Dissipation of the FWBL methodology to innovative continuing professional development

Author - Ole Rokkjær, Bente Nørgaard, Anne Murphy, Lisbeth Skytte, Niels Hannemose, Isabel Tort Ausina, Israel Quintanilla Garcia, Patricio Montesinos


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Main purpose

The FWBL methodology in the FACILICODE project is located in the departments for CPD in universities in Spain and Ireland, and in a university college in Denmark. By means of developing and testing a Teacher Training Programme (TTP) in facilitated work-based learning teachers/academics will be prepared for negotiating and utilising individual and tailor-made continuing education in their local engineering industries.

The TTP was developed to meet the needs of the teachers/academics to be able to teach through FWBL – to act as a learning facilitator. A teacher in FWBL needs basic skills and knowledge of SMEs (how to interact with SMEs, the industrial context, etc.) and a thorough knowledge of the pedagogic methodology of FWBL.

Teachers at the VET and higher education institutions (HEI) are the key persons who keep the close cooperation between SME and educational institution, cooperation which is essential when CPD is to be integrated into the working life of the SME. Teaching CPD is very different from teaching a homogenous group of young full-time students: it is a shift in paradigm to turn pedago¬gical and didactical practice into a needs-oriented and enterprise-oriented tailor-made learning course. To be involved as teachers or facilitators in tailor-made CPD, the teacher must acquire new knowledge in addition to the standard academic knowledge. The teacher must possess knowledge about the learning context, understand the SME organisation and activities, and be able to communicate with, and have a general understanding of, the industrial partner.

In addition to teaching and testing FWBL, an aim of the FACILICODE Project is to improve the FWBL methodology by integrating experience with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and experience with Quality Assurance Systems – both of which are policy strands in the EU in relation to training and education at the interface between workplaces and academia.

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