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FACILICODE (Facilitated Work Based Learning)

Dissipation of the FWBL methodology to innovative continuing professional development

Author - Ole Rokkjær, Bente Nørgaard, Anne Murphy, Lisbeth Skytte, Niels Hannemose, Isabel Tort Ausina, Israel Quintanilla Garcia, Patricio Montesinos


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2. Elements and activities

The timeline for the two-year FACILICODE Project is detailed in Figure 1.

The FWBL Teacher Training Programme

FWBL is different to traditional CPD courses in the sense that the first and foremost aim is to match the CPD course content to the present and future competence development needs of the company and the employees. The second difference from traditional CPD is that FWBL aims at transfer of knowledge as a condition for competence development which is normally taking place at the company and integrated into daily work activities. The third difference from traditional courses is that FWBL is closely related to a project-based organisation of work which characterises development of business and products in modern companies.

It is one thing for higher education providers to have a useful method of work-based learning. It is, however, another to have the trained staff to meet the companies and to supervise the employees to develop their competences. Most academic teaching staff are mainly concerned with teaching the formal education curriculum at their institution and concerned with their own research. In CPD delivery, however, academic and pedagogical skills are not enough. A thorough knowledge of how businesses work and are organised in real life are the minimum requirements for teachers who are going to be frontrunners in CPD activities. Few younger academics now have experience from work outside of the educational institution, and since it is not a common requirement for teaching staff to have pedagogical courses concerning CPD, the FACILICODE Project concluded that it was desirable, and perhaps essential, to develop a Teacher Training Programme for CPD teachers which included the model of facilitated work-based learning.

The CPD teachers in the FACILICODE project are piloting the FWBL model with partner SMEs having been exposed to case studies of planning, design and implementation of tailor-made learning courses during their two-day training course in Aalborg. The pilots will primarily be focused on the effectiveness of the Teacher Training Programme and the participating teachers’ ability to run a tailor-made course after going through the training.

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