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Reflecting on our teaching practice to bring about a more student-centred approach to learning and promote “deeper” learning by the students

Authors: Alan O'Donnell - Niall Delaney


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1. Introduction

The current training of apprentices in Ireland involves many people, such as apprentices, employers, educators, industry stakeholders, government bodies and unions, from the studentsí induction through to completion. The aim of the apprenticeship is to develop high quality craft workers with skills and knowledge to apply in industry. The trade of Carpentry and Joinery is one such trade that the institute provides and is the focus of our research. In an effort to improve standards, we are going to reflect on our teaching and the learning for the students, with a view to opening the pedagogy and promoting a student centred approach to learning. This study focuses on the theory elements of the course

2. Rationale

This paper is written in conjunction with a research project carried out on assessment in the carpentry and joinery area. Identifying a change in assessment, as a key to promoting deeper learning, is but one part of the puzzle. It was important, that as well as looking at external factors to improve the student education, to reflect on the teaching and learning taking place. With alternative assessments as the focus of the research, volunteers were recruited to work towards these assessments. The idea of the alternate assessments was to remove the emphasis on memorising for an exam and to examine how this influenced the teaching and learning.

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