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Information-literacy programmes and course curricula
Mature students:
Turning an articulated truck on a spreadsheet
To catch a thief:
Towards the promotion of effective e-learning practice for academic-staff development in DIT
Ecotoxicological research at DIT
The implications of the curriculum process on the design of a modern engineering course in the Dublin Institute of Technology
DIT and student retention
Community demographics
Cooking online
Where does AP(E)L fit in higher education
Psyched up for e-learning: The evaluation of educational psychology and its application to e-learning
They don't really want to know us': Experiences and perceptions of international students at the Dublin Institute of Technology
Staff mentoring at DIT: A review of four programmes
Is there a need to debate the role of higher education and the public good?
An examination of ethical issues pertaining to educational research
Agreed Issues: A comparative analysis of the recommendations of the Review of Higher Education in Ireland Examiners’ Report and the submissions of the Stakeholders of Irish Higher Education
Developing a Participatory Consultation Process for Quality Reviews: The initial stage of the European University Associations Quality Review of the Dublin Institute of Technology
Researching from the inside — does it compromise validity? A discussion
Research Report: Outline of research design for research project: Academic Success, Failure and Withdrawal Among First Year Engineering Students: was poor mathematical knowledge a critical factor?

Book reviews
Philosophy of Meaning, Knowledge and Value in the Twentieth Century
Comparative and international research in education: globalisation, context and difference
Che Guevara, Paulo Freire and the pedagogy of revolution
Strangers, gods and monsters: interpreting otherness
Review of Publications on Academic Essay Writing
Higher Education Management and Policy
Key Concepts in Critical Social Theory
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